[★K:OP-ED] “Best” and “worst” dressed actresses at the 51st Baeksang Arts Awards

As one of the most prestigious awards shows of South Korea took place on May 26th, many media outlets have debated on the best and worst dressed celebrities of the event—even Dispatch.

The 51st Baeksang Arts Awards, which was held on May 26th at Kyung Hee University’s Grand Peace Palace, flared with talented actors, actresses, producers, and film directors from all across the South Korean peninsula and was an event to gain recognition for their many works and films, but ultimately became the media’s hotspot for all things fashion.

Dispatch, a popular entertainment and contents publication agency, attended the Baeksang Arts Awards’ red carpet ceremony where they snapped many glamorous shots of both the hottest male and female celebrities of South Korea. The publication even handpicked their own choices of “best and worst” dressed actresses from the night’s event, which became a hot topic among many netizens.

Though the four actresses chosen by Dispatch may come as a surprise to most readers, check out some of the detailed reasons on why they chose these four “best and worst” outfits.

Best Dressed: Shin Min Ah
Best Dressed: Shin Min Ah

Best: Shin Min Ah, the Red Carpet Frontier

Shin Min Ah is a beautiful star that fully and respectfully represents purity—however, contrary to the innocence she radiates, her fashion senses are extremely bold and daring. She downright refuses to have the same styling and outfit coordination as others.

The 51st Baeksang Arts Awards was no exception to her beliefs of having her own unique fashion. Shin Min Ah avoided all the long, flowing feminine dresses and instead chose to stick with a simple and modern medium dress.

The harmonious balance between the black & white fabric of the dress really stood out—the turtleneck and chest portions all decked out with an eggshell white color, the shoulder wings and the rest of the dress in a silky black color brought out the elegance of Shin Min Ah.

In addition to the colors, the high-waisted skirt line made the actress’s legs look slimmer and longer. The lack of showy and extravagant jewelry also added to the modernized, classy look of the outfit.

Second Best Dressed (Good): Kim Sarang
Second Best Dressed (Good): Kim Sarang

▶ Good: Kim SarangI’m the real heart.

Though it has been a while since the actress stepped foot into the recent media, her manners and professionalism on the red carpet hasn’t changed.

On this day, Kim Sarang proclaimed her charms and charisma with 110% as she stylishly wore a glamorous long dress that accentuated her bosoms with a deep V-neck. She was the epitome of self-radiation. The pale pink dress with subdued silver spangles was also brought out with the complementing silver pumps and clutch-bag worn and held by the actress.

Although the dress and accessories worn by the actress all seemed too “bling-bling” on its own, when the actress wore it to the red carpet, it wasn’t too flashy nor extravagant thanks to their well-done effort of balancing out the glitzy tones. Kim Sarang also boasted her femininity by letting her long, black hair flow down instead of choosing to style it otherwise.

This was a wise decision by Kim Sarang and her stylists. The actress only had to prove her name “Kim Sarang”, or shall we say her “love(heart)”, with her voluminous body and simple outfit.

Badly Dressed: f(x)'s Krystal
Badly Dressed: f(x)’s Krystal

▶ Bad: f(x)‘s Krystal, did she fall off a tree today?

Krystal is a fashionista that represents many people in their 20’s and is also one step ahead with the newest fashion trends. However, it was evident that she was the one being led by others, in terms of fashion, on this day.

On this day for the prestigious event, Krystal chose this season’s hottest trend: a lace dress. The idol star showed off flawless body with a tightly slim-fitted dress.

However, that was the only thing she ever showed off. All the other aspects of the star’s outfit during this event was dark, dull, and somber. The reason for this? The short, unbalanced inner slip worn under the lace dress was the very problem. This is trace evidence that the star and her stylists were contemplating over exposing her body and protecting her body all at the same time.

The detailed ruffles that are flowing down from around her knees also made peoples’ gazes very messy. The idol’s smoky eye make-up that was done darker and thicker than usual was also no good. Everything today made the usually bubbly Krystal very dark and heavy.

Worst Dressed: Chun Woo Hee
Worst Dressed: Chun Woo Hee

Worst: Chun Woo Hee, are her acting skills and fashion senses a completely disproportionate?

Chun Woo Hee has stepped foot on numerous amounts of red carpets since her recent recognition as the ‘Best Leading Actress’ at the 2014 Blue Dragon Film Awards for her acting in the film, Han Gong Joo. Of course there is no doubt about her acting being flawless, but her fashion senses may lack about 20%.

On this day at the Baeksang Arts Awards, Chun Woo Hee chose to wear a long, red dress… even the usual fashionistas have a hard time pulling the bold color of red off. But not only was the color of the dress a big mistake, but it seems both the top and bottom halves of the dress were made for two different outfits, not for the same one.

First off, the top half is a one-shoulder, or half-shoulder. The wrinkled and lumpy watermarks along with the peplum design of the whole top was “finished off” on the bottom half with a long, deep-orange skirt with absolutely no designs at all.

How would it have been if both the top and bottom portions of the dress were made of the same color and designs? Overall, her outfit today was too old in design—it would be categorized as a performance or recital dress from the 1980’s. Even her blunt ponytail and ambiguous lip color were a disappointment.

Many netizens who took a look at these results, however, showed their confusion by commenting, “Shin Man Ah is the best dressed? When I saw what she wore, I wondered to myself why in the world she would wear an outfit like that. I don’t understand why even won the ‘best fashion’ award at the event,” “Shin Min Ah’s outfit looked like a simple and modern Jewish garment. It seemed like she was mumbling in Hebrew during her winning speech,” and, “Whether it be guys or girls, it’s unanimous that Kim Sarang was the best.

What are your own thoughts and opinions?

Source: Dispatch