[★TRENDING] Kim Woo Bin handwrites a letter to fan as 1st year anniversary tribute of Sewol Ferry tragedy

As South Korea continues to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the tragic capsizing incident of the Sewol Ferry which occurred one year ago on April 16, 2014, model-actor Kim Woo Bin has handwritten a special letter to one of his fans who was a victim of the tragedy.

On April 16th, an administrator of a Kim Woo Bin fan page from an online community called DC Inside shared a post which included a photo of a handwritten letter that was sent directly by Kim Woo Bin.

The administrator started off the post by explaining that the letter was sent to her by Kim Woo Bin himself on behalf of a Sewol Ferry victim named Kim Hye Sun, a former student at Danwon High School and who also used to be an avid fan of the model-actor. The administrator of the fan page wanted to share the contents of the letter in hopes to spread the warmth and kindness that was written in the letter by Kim Woo Bin.

The heartfelt handwritten letter reads as follows:

Hye Sun, who is so pure and beautiful. Yesterday I was able to successfully wrap up my fan-meet in China and return to Korea thanks to you [your love]. The place you are in right now, it’s a lot more beautiful and prettier than here, the place you had to suffer, right? Later on in the future after much time has passed, when we actually meet, let’s take a bunch of pictures and make many happy memories together! Until then, I want you to keep supporting and encouraging me, Hye Sun! I’ll work hard to make a lot of fun dramas and movies that you can watch from up where you are, too. I am so thankful that you’re my fan… I’m extremely thankful that you are my fan, Hye Sun. Thank you… and we are sorry. Let’s meet soon, Hye Sun, I love you. ♥︎ From, Woo Bin oppa.

After this handwritten letter began circulating the web on the morning of April 16th, 2015, the day which marks the 1-year anniversary and commemoration of the Sewol Ferry tragedy, many fans and netizens began posting comments of mourn, support, and encouragement to both the victims of the tragedy and Kim Woo Bin as well.

It was reported later on in the day that many close friends and acquaintances of the victim had frequently sent messages and stories throughout the past year to Kim Woo Bin’s agency, Sidus HQ, stating that Hye Sun was a very dedicated and devoted fan of the model-actor. Finally, upon recently hearing the tragic story of Hye Sun, Kim Woo Bin willfully volunteered to send this earnest and cordial handwritten letter.

Source: Donga News and Hankyung