[★TRENDING] Super Junior celebrates 9th anniversary milestone

Today, K-Pop powerhouse Super Junior is celebrating a monumental 9 years together since their debut with Twins back in 2005 under SM Entertainment. To celebrate this momentous occasion, Super Junior members and ELFs alike have been sharing the love on their SNS accounts!

Super Junior, known as some of the most influential figures of the second generation of  K-Pop, is celebrating 9 years together today on November 5th. Working in the entertainment industry and staying together as a group for 9 years is no easy feat!

Although they originally debuted in 2005, they are most known for their hit track “Sorry Sorry” released in 2009. Their catchy tune and simple choreography went viral as it spread across Asia and then across the world. It has become a K-Pop staple song that helped pioneer this genre of music in countries outside of Asia!

Throughout their 9 year journey, there have been ups and downs, but ELFs have stayed true and loyal to the members who work hard to prepare good comebacks. Their dedication to their craft has spawned other hit tracks such as “Bonamana”, “Mr. Simple”, “Sexy, Free, & Single”, “Spy”, and most recently “Mamacita”, and “This is Love” just to name a few. Their catchy songs have consistently seen great success on the charts and have proven why Super Junior is still one of the biggest names in K-Pop today, even after nine years.

Earlier this morning, ELFs took to Twitter to show their loyalty, dedication, and appreciation for the group, trending #9yearswithSuperJunior worldwide! In the flurry of fans’ messages, there are also many who are simply K-Pop fans showing their admiration for the group and recognizing their influence in the Hallyu wave.

#9YearsWithSuperJunior trending worldwide
#9YearsWithSuperJunior trending worldwide
#9YearsWithSuperJunior trending in Korea
#9YearsWithSuperJunior trending in Korea

The members of Super Junior took to their respective SNS accounts to post pictures and say a couple words about their journey to where they are now and to express their appreciation for ELFs that have been with them throughout their careers.

Take a look at the touching posts that the members have posted! Do you remember what your first Super Junior song was?


Siwon captioned his photo with a simple blue heart signifying Super Junior’s official color, sapphire blue.


Heechul posted a photo that features all original 13 members and wrote a sentimental post while addressing rumors saying, “It’s not even the 90th anniversary, but all this fuss for the 9th anniversary.. hoot~(I can’t hide my happiness and as I’m bangbang jumping on my bed I’m worrying ‘what should I write so that I will appear cool’) P.s. In the group chatroom I said “Yah Yesung XXX you uploaded a photo without me in it againㅡㅡ” and Yesungie replied “Hyung I’m sorryㅠㅠ I love youㅠㅠ”. The reason why I wanted to clarify this, is because I was worried that the ‘Kim Heechul is being bullied rumor’ that was controversial would appear on the internet. #SuperJunior #ELF #KimHeechulisbeingbulliedrumor


Meanwhile, Shindong posted a series of selfies and said, “No news is good news” and used hashtags such as #DoNotWorry and #DifficultToFindWords to express both celebration as well as indirectly address recent news of his upcoming enlistment on November 25th.


Leeteuk first posted the same photograph as Siwon with a simple caption “..9 years..” in disbelief.


He then posted a funny photo, playfully captioned “Is it the 9th anniversary? Yes~~eeeehhh~~~~yes~~eeeeeehh” along with an early photo of him juxtaposed next to a rubber duck which trended among idols recently.


Eunhyuk posted two photos on Instagram; his first post was a picture of him during a concert captioned, “Super Junior…9Years..The most special event of my life. Members and ELF, let’s continue this for a long long time. I hope we do…


Meanwhile, his second post is a more serious photo of himself posted half an hour later under which he wrote, “Ahh why the tears… No matter what we say, we are always ambitious; there’s still a long way to go and many many things we want to do and achieve…Let’s make it together, ELF. There were many hard times and obstacles that looked impossible, but we made it possible; I’m getting drunk. Have strength. I love you all“, expressing his deepest sentiments and love for both members and ELFs.


Kangin posted a recent photo after their win on a music show and wrote “There’s no Yesung ㅜㅜ Sorry, my friend. Thank you to everyone for giving us love and accepting us for these 9 years. In the future, we will give you guys more fun, more laughter, and more surprises. Thank you so much. Everyone, I love you all. We are Super Juni~~~~or.” However, his captioned was devoid of any punctuation expressing his immense emotion toward this anniversary that led to his flurry of words.


Yesung posted on both Instagram and Twitter (which also included an additional selca) captioned “Happy 9th ..^^ Anniversary SuperJunior !!

Ryeowook tweeted a selfie and said, “Thank you for the 9th anniversary~>< I’m happy because I am Super Junior’s Ryeowook!!!! Members and to those who have been ELF to those who will become ELF, all E.L.F, our babies, I love you ♡

Congratulations to Super Junior on such a tremendous accomplishment!