[★VIDEO] BeatBurger Korea releases tribute clip for Seo Taiji’s “Christmalo.win”

To celebrate Seo Taiji’s comeback with the release of his 9th album Quiet Night, BeatBurger Korea unveils a video tribute for Seo Taiji’s title track, “Christmalo.win”. 

On October 24th, BeatBurger Korea uploaded the short clip on their official Youtube channel as a tribute to music icon, Seo Taiji. Set in SM Entertainment’s rehearsal studio, Beat Burger and the rest of their team were featured showcasing their own choreograph to the addictive track, “Christmalo.win”.

Meanwhile, Seo Taiji made his big comeback in the Korean music industry with the release of his 9th album Quiet Night last October 20th and promoting the track, “Christmalo.win,” further attaining all-kill status following its release.

With Beat Burger creating their own moves for the track, could this be a start of a new trend in South Korea?