[★VIDEO] BTS asks fans, “Guess what?”

The members of Bangtan Boys, also known as BTS, shared a mysterious video on their official YouTube account recently, asking fans “Guess what?”.

In a recent video, the members have fans guessing as to what the group has next in store. The members are seen blowing up balloons with numbers on them, and fans have guessed that it could be foreshadowing to a possible release of their own calendar for the year 2015, as 2014 comes closer to an end. The boys were also seen blowing the balloons according to the number of the month of their birthdays. Those who shared the same birth month blew up their balloons together, like Jin and V, and Jungkook and Rap Monster. The video ended with  “to be continued…”, and kept their fans curious as to what they have planned.

BTS came back with a music video to “War of Hormone” after wrapping up promotions for “Danger”. The boys also released a fun dance practice video to “War of Hormone” on October 27th, where the members are seen dancing outside in a grass field instead of the typical practice room.