[★VIDEO] INFINITE to appear to MelOn Premiere Showcase for “Reality”

Along with the anticipation for their comeback, INFINITE will be making an appearance on MelOn Premiere Showcase as 1theK released a teaser on July 10th.

As their title track “Bad” can be heard in the background, the teaser revealed scenes from their teaser as well was image teasers, while later revealing that the seven-member group will be performing on Premiere Showcase on July 13th.

INFINITE released two music video teasers for “Bad” where one version of the teaser is the original version whereas the second teaser is the 360 version of the teaser. “Bad” is the title track for INFINITE’s 5th mini-album Reality, which will include additional songs such as “Moonlight,” “Love Letter,” “Up to You,” and more.

Meanwhile, the seven-member boy group is schedule to release the music video for “Bad” on July 13th.