[★VIDEO] MINX delivers live cover of Beyonce’s “End of Time” on Arirang Radio

The girls of rookie group MINX performed a live cover of Beyonce‘s “End of Time” showcasing their powerful vocals, and impressing listeners and Arirang Radio Sound K‘s MC Stephanie . MINX also performed their debut track, “Why Did You Come to My House?”.

Because of Beyonce’s unique voice and powerful color, her tracks have proven to be difficult to cover. However, MINX sings “End of Time” with their notable voices and perfect harmonies, showing no hesitation during the performance of this challenging piece. Their explanation of the song illustrates their firm grasp of the track’s emotion that really comes through in their passionate performance.

In sudden contrast to the soulful cover of “End of Time”, MINX gives fans a taste of their aegyo and adorable personalities as they launched into a live rendition of “Why Did You Come to My House?“, which they have been promoting since their debut early last month. They recently changed up their stage choreography to incorporate skateboards and have released a dance practice as well.