[★VIDEO] S.M. Rookies dance to BoA’s “ID; Peace B”

The boys of SM Entertainment‘s training group, S.M. Rookies, show tribute as they perform a dance cover to BoA‘s song “ID; Peace B” on EXO 902104. 

On the 9th episode of Mnet’s EXO 902014 which aired on October 17th, the male trainees of S.M. Rookies put on a dance performance to BoA’s hit track, “ID; Peace B”. Despite still being trained under SM Entertainment, the trainees showcased a professional stage, complete with stage presence and impressive dance skills.

The five rookies, along with other male trainees under S.M. Entertainment, are under the unofficial group name “SR14B”. Both female and male rookies of the training group have garnered a lot of attention from the public, as SM Entertainment continues to promote them in many productions such as programs, music videos and songs.