10 Times BTS’s J-Hope Made It Look Like He’s Casting A Spell On The Members

What kind of sorcery is this?

Perhaps one of the many wonderful things about BTS being a seven membered group is that they can pull off symmetric choreographies that are extra satisfying to watch. And J-Hope, also known as BTS’s dance leader, utilizes this very well in the choreographies. Here are 10 times J-Hope took center and made it look like he’s casting a spell on the members — with these amazingly symmetric dance moves!


1. Spring Day

With J-Hope’s one swoosh of his arms, members move in 200% synchronization!


2. Butterfly

Here’s J-Hope uncovering his identity as a butterfly sorcerer.


3. Run

J-Hope in the center has come to mean extremely synchronized movements by the other six members.


4. I Need U

The teamwork is simply incredible!


5. Blood Sweat & Tears

Here’s J-Hope giving us strong Doctor Strange vibes with his magic hands.


6. Fire

These symmetric half-and-half choreographies are satisfying to watch…


7. Danger

… and they have become iconic for the group.


8. Mic Drop

A true BTS choreography would surely include one “J-Hope In The Middle” moment…


9. Idol

… and when that moment hits, it is only magical!


10. Dionysus

ARMYs can’t fathom how much work must go in to perfect the synchronization like this; which is all the more reason they stan BTS!

Source: THEQOO and Twitter