10 Times NCT Members Looked Extra Hot And Spicy In Cherry Red Hair Color

They really know how to wear red.

NCT members have taken turns rocking all kinds of hair colors imaginable. In particular though, NCTzens found this “cherry bomb” red head to be an excellent color on all of the members who have tried it! Here are 10 times NCT looked extra hot and spicy.


1. Taeil

Taeil looks dashing in his red hair and the matching red jacket.


2. Johnny

Johnny gives off some major bad boy vibes in his messy red hair!


3. Taeyong

NCTzens called this look on Taeyong “The Rose”.


4. Yuta

Red hair on Yuta complements his flawless skin 200%.


5. Ten

Ten looks ethereal in bright red hair.


6. Winwin

Dusty red on Winwin gives him a touch of sophistication!


7. Mark

Mark is always UWU by default, but Mark in red is UWU x100.


8. Renjun

This sporty-red looks on Renjun gives NCTzens life!


9. Haechan

Haechan is all kinds of mysterious and magical in red hair.


10. Chenle

Chenle‘s red hair days is going to be forever remembered as his bad*ss era!

Source: THEQOO