10cm graces the stage of 1theK’s “Wonder Live”

On December 4th, 10cm shared a recording of their special stage at 1theK‘s “Wonder Live” where the duo performed various tracks for fans to enjoy.

The night truly was a night to remember as the group performed four songs – “Missing You,” “Sseudam Sseudam,” “Stalker,” and “The African Youth.”

After making a joke about lowering the lights to see pretty girls in the audience, 10cm started off with a gentle and soulful rendition of “Sseudam Sseudam.” The atmosphere of the live performance meshes perfectly with the duo’s folk-indie vibe. The clarity of each guitar strum, string bass rhythm, and auxiliary instruments suits their soothing vocals well.

The two introduce their latest album, 3.0, as the album that has best expressed their sound and emotions for music. In answering fan questions, the two show off their subtle sense of humor and great chemistry. They talk about their interests in commercials and acting before launching into the next performance of “Missing You” and “Stalker.”

Kwon Jung Yeol clarified the story behind “Stalker,” revealing that it was inspired by his personal experience after a break up.

In an amusing and unique segment, the group took audience requests for tracks but only performed 10 seconds of each hit, creating much laughter between the duo themselves and the listeners. These songs were “Rebirth,” “That’s Not It,” and “Corona” as 10cm gave a taste of their impromptu skills.

After promoting their upcoming Christmas concert, 10cm ends the night with “The African Youth,” an upbeat conclusion to the special stage.

Check out their special stage here: