10cm shares their favorite songs on 1theK’s “MelOn Playlist”

Acoustic indie duo 10cm shares the songs of their most loved and admired artists on 1thek‘s MelOn Playlist.

On November 13th, 1theK revealed which songs has affected 10cm in a musical sense with their MelOn Playlist interview.

The first song the duo chooses is Jeff Beck‘s “Cause We’ve Ended as Lovers”. Both agreed how the artist has conveyed his message with his guitar, as if he was speaking out to listeners. The duo continued, saying how they actually aren’t big fans of guitar music, which is ironic as the duo is known for their guitar-focused musical style. Cheoljong mentioned how he tried to imitate Beck’s feeling in his song but couldn’t until he played it right after he had broken up with his girlfriend. Jungyeol added to Cheoljong’s statement, saying he once saw Cheoljong playing this in the dimly lit practice room, and joking how Cheoljong looked really ugly while practicing. Cheoljong, trying to turn the tables asked him “At least I touched your heart, right?” to which Jungyeol coolly responded “No.”

Perhaps fans may find this surprising, but 10cm are huge Metallica fans. Jungyeol claims this group as his favorite band, with one reason being because that he has grown up listening to them on the radio. His song of choice, “The Memory Remains,” truly lives up to this name for him as Jungyeol has even tattooed a lyric from this song onto his right arm. Cheoljong agreed, stating that Metallica’s songs have kept him going through the tough times in his life, and that he felt free after listening to Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”.

Recently, 10cm has been busy preparing for their return as they will be coming back with their 3rd full album 3.0, set to be released both online and offline on November 19th.