11 Signs That K-Pop Has STOLEN YOUR SOUL

K-Pop fans are, without a doubt, different from everyone else around them, especially with the different attitudes they show towards various cultures and languages. For many fans, K-Pop has changed their life forever… How much have you been influenced by K-Pop? Here are 11 Signs That K-Pop Has STOLEN YOUR SOUL

1. When your teacher is talking about the Big Bang theory-

-but all you’re thinking about is the party in your head playing “Fantastic Baby”.


2. When you can remember every small detail about your bias down to their shoe size, but you can’t even remember your friend’s birthday.


3. When someone asks you what your ideal type is and all you can think of is your
long list of biases.


4. When you see a feminine guy in the street and you think it’s super hot.


5. When you accidentally slip a few Korean expressions into your speech when you’re talking to someone else, like “omo” or “yah!”



6. When you spend hours at night to watching your biases perform live.


7. When meeting another person that is into K-Pop makes you the most excited person ever.


8. When you buy all your bias group’s merchandise no matter how expensive it is or how empty your wallet will be afterwards.


9. When a lot of friends you make don’t even live in the same country as you, and you never have and probably never will meet them in real life.


10. When you cry hysterically as you watch your bias group’s new music video, and you’re screaming with all your other friends that like K-Pop.


11. When you dream of marrying a Korean person in the future.