Turbo, Shin Hye Sung, Dalshabet and more on the January 15th episode of MBC Music Core

For the January 15, 2016 episode of MBC‘s Music Core, legendary singers held their comeback stages as either a group or solo. 

Various rookies performed tonight as well and Dalshabet continues their promotions as a four-member group with their recent release, “Someone Like U.”

Performers include Turbo, Kim Jang Hoon, Dalshabet, Lucky J, HALO, Lee Ye Joon, Yeo Eun, Road Boyz, RP, Purfles, Baby Boo, IN&CHOO, and Rooftop House Studio.

Watch your favorite artists’ performances below and find some new favorites!

Purfles – Bad Girl

IN&CHOO – Snapback

Rooftop House Studio – Whenever, That Time

RP – Run Away

Road Boyz – Should I Love You

Lee Ye Joon – Beautiful

HALO – Feel So Good

Yeo Eun – Let’s Forget About It

Lucky J – No Love

Kim Jang Hoon – I Am A Man + Leaving For The Airport

Dalshabet – Someone Like U

Shin Hye Sung – End + Roco Drama

TURBO – Again, Love Is… + White Love

Baby Boo – 12 o’clock