Suzy & Baekhyun ranks #1 on Music Bank + Performances by Teen Top, Stellar, Cross Gene, and more

For the second week running, the collaboration track between miss A‘s Suzy and EXO‘s Baekhyun ranked #1 on Music Bank.

Aired on January 22nd, the duo went up against K.Will but ultimately winning their second consecutive trophy on the music show with “Dream.” Despite not officially promoting the track on music shows, Suzy and Baekhyun’s collaboration track has proven to be a hit.

Performers tonight included TEEN TOP, The Legend, Stellar, Nop.K, Baby, Cross Gene, Shin Hye Sung, 45RPM, Dalshabet, Lucky J, Beige, Road Boyz, Purfles, HALO, Laboum, Royal Pirates, Jangmi, Kim Jang Hoon, Anda, and CoCoSoRi.

Stellar – Cinderella + Sting

The Legend – This Way + Crush On You

Lucky J – No Love


Dalshabet – Someone Like U

Kim Jang Hoon – Duet with Eun Ga Eun – Leaving For The Airport

Teen Top – Warning Sign

HALO – Feel So Good

Purfles – Bad Girl

Source: news1