Zico releases MVs “I Am You, You Are Me” and “It Was Love” ft. f(x)’s Luna

On January 25th, Zico published two different music videos for his tracks “I Am You, You Are Me” and “It Was Love” from his special album release, Break Up 2 Make Up.

The Block B member shared a more sensitive and emotional side to himself in both the composition of the songs itself and in the music videos.

In the more recently released single for “Boys and Girls” and “Eureka,” Zico proved himself to be a trendy hip-hop rapper and artist. However, in a complete 180, the single album Break Up 2 Make Up contains ballad tracks and even features Zico as a vocalist rather than a rapper proving he is indeed versatile.

The track “I Am You, You Are Me” is a song created in collaboration with producer PEEJAY, while the second track “It Was Love” features the talented Luna of f(x) who captivates the true essence of love with her vocals.

Additionally, “It Was Love” features former AKB48 member and actress Mariko Shinoda while “I Am You, You Are Me” features model Lee Ho Jung.