It’s time for “HIDE&SEEK” with new boy group ASTRO in their debut MV

Fantagio Music‘s newest boy group ASTRO has finally made their debut after much anticipation!

On February 23rd, ASTRO dropped their debut music video “HIDE&SEEK” from their mini-album Spring Up. The title track is a light-hearted dance-pop track with an addictive melody and lyrics written and composed by Lee Ki Young Bae, who is also known as the hitmaker behind G-Friend‘s “Glass Beads,” “Me Gustas Tu,” and “Rough.”

In the music video, a school girl who has fallen asleep due to exhaustion over studying awakes to find another world containing the members of ASTRO through a mirror. While they assumingly cannot step inside each others world, they are able to exchange items as they interact.

Check out the music video below: