G-Friend takes the triple crown on “Show Champion” + Performances for February 24th

For the February 24th episode of Show Champion, G-Friend was awarded their triple crown for the track “Rough.”

The girl group went up against NU’EST “Overcome,” WINNER‘s “Sentimental,” Zico‘s “I Am You, You Are Me,” Crush‘s “Don’t Forget” and Taeyeon‘s “Rain.”

Not only is it their third trophy for Show Champion, but it is their 13th overall win for “Rough.”

Groups who performed for the day included G-Friend, Double S 301, 4MINUTE, AOA Cream, Rainbow, Ladies’ Code, Brave Girls, NU’EST, Cross Gene, ASTRO, 4TEN, Big Brain, Six Bomb, APL, SUS4, and VOISPER.

Congratulations to G-Friend!


AOA Cream – I’m Jelly Baby

APL – Re Gon Na Die

SUS4 – Pick Me Up

NU’EST – With + Overcome

Double S 301 – Pain

Ladies’ Code – Galaxy

Rainbow – Whoo

VOISPER – In Your Voice

Brave Girls – Deepened

Big Brain – No Yes

Six Bomb – Ten Years Wait Baby

G-Friend – Rough

Cross Gene – Hey You, Noona

4MINUTE – Hate

4TEN – Dreadful