B.A.P gets ready to drop 1st studio album in Japan with “Kingdom” MV short version

B.A.P remains busy as they prepare to release another album in Japan this March, teasing with a short version of their music video and leading track, “Kingdom.”

On February 29th, a video for “Kingdom” was released, stating that the “King is Back” before giving a look inside the upcoming release.

Titled Best Absolute Perfect, this upcoming Japanese album will not only be their first in the country but their first release in a year and a half. Additionally, it is the first time they will be releasing not just one but three original Japanese tracks – not Japanese remakes of their Korean hits – including “Kingdom,” “New World,” and “Back In Time.” Other tracks on the album including Japanese versions of “Excuse Me,” “Hurricane,” “Coffee Shop,” “One Shot,” “Hajima (Stop It),” and “Crash.”

The album will be available on March 30th.

Meanwhile, they recently released their Korean mini-album Carnival, completing their 2-day Seoul concert dates which officially kick started their newest world tour, and have begun promoting the title track “Feel So Good.”