Taemin, B.A.P, MAMAMOO, Rainbow, Lim Jeong Hee, and more for March 5th episode of MBC Music Core

Performers for the night included Taemin, B.A.P, Rainbow, MAMAMOO, G-Friend, NU’EST, AOA Cream, CLC, Cosmic Girls, Brave Girls, ASTRO, KNK, IMFACT, V.O.S, Lee Jeong Hee, Jo Jung Min, Big Brain, SUS4, and BABA.

Watch the performances below!

Taemin – Press Your Number

MAMAMOO – You’re The Best

B.A.P – Feel So Good

G-Friend – Rough


Rainbow – Whoo

Cosmic Girls – Mo Mo Mo

V.O.S. – Live Together

NU’EST – Overcome

Brave Girls – Deepened

CLC – High Heels

Lim Jeong Hee – Crazy

AOA Cream – I’m Jelly BABY

KNK – Knock

IMFACT – Lollipop

Big Brain – NO-YES

Jo Jung Min – Superman

SUS4 – Pick Me Up

BABA – Catch Me