Watch BTS Annihilate Each Other In Violent Snowball Fight

In the latest upload of BTS‘s BANGTAN BOMB video, the boys took advantage of the recently fallen snow in Seoul and initiated a fun snowball fight!

Approaching J-Hope, Jimin declares he used to be a baseball player before throwing a snowball at his fellow BTS member, running away giggling as J-Hope attempts to retaliate with a giant snowball of his own. The other members of BTS are seen joining in the snowball war just seconds afterwards, even firing at their manager in all good fun.

Jungkook shows no mercy as he makes face-size snowballs to throw, prompting Jimin to say, “We’re really gonna die if we get hit by one of those.”

However, not all the members participated in this hilarious snowball fight with Suga safely inside the car as he records the others’ fun on his own camera (posted on Twitter in January ’16). He is quick to protect himself as he rolls up the window after a short talk with one of the members.

Watch the fun unfold below!