EXO’s Chen and Xiumin take on the Jo Sung Mo ‘s high note challenge on “Fantastic Duo”

Two members of popular boy group EXO showed their vocal prowess in the most recently aired episode of Fantastic Duo.

Aired on May 1st, guests for the episode included EXO, Byun Jin Seob, Jo Sung Mo and more. During a segment of the show, the panel discussed one of Jo Sung Mo’s popular track, “Immortal Love” which is known for its 3-octave jump note, a part difficult for many to sing.

Chen volunteered Xiumin as the first member to try, saying, “Xiumin hyung really likes this song.”

Preparing for the part, Xiumin throws out a little “He, he he,” but his voice cracks at his first attempt singing “Haengbokage sarajwo” with members of the panel explaining that he is currently battling a cold. Not one to give up, Xiumin successfully tries again, wowing the audience with his vocal capabilities.

The EXO members then recommend Chen to go up next, who pulls it off without any effort at all. Jo Sung Mo, who stood at the stage with MC Jun Hyun Moo, praised them with, “They did a good job,” while Park Myung Soo was seen giving them a thumbs up.

You can watch some of the contestants sing the extremely difficult song:

Source: SBS fun E