15+ GIFs Of BTS Hyungs Petting Jungkook Because They Can

They just can’t ever leave Jungkook alone.

Since his fetus days, BTS‘s Jungkook has been considered the most “pet-able” by his hyungs. Myths say, Jungkook’s relatively round face shape is all thanks to his teammates molding it that way since day 1. What is it that makes BTS want to put their hands all over Jungkook? Maybe it is his totally-UWU visual that gives him the puppy dog vibe. Or maybe it is his aegyo-filled maknae personality that drives his hyungs drop all their UWUs. Whatever the reason, Jungkook has endearingly been labelled the XL-sized Maltese of the group — and it seems he has embraced this alter ego without much disagreement, as Jungkook can often be found giving in to the incessant petting.Here are 15+ GIFs of BTS hyungs petting the heck out of their baby-Jungkook over the years!


1. One Maltese, Three Petters


2. The Reassuring Pet


3. The Ear Grab


4. The Cheeky Embrace


5. The Curious Pinch


6. Fluffy Fluff


7.  The Squeeeeeze


8. The Worried Caress


9. “Feel How Soft He Is”


10. The Kiss


11. The Chinny Chin Chin


12. “(Proudly) He’s Mine”


13. The “Good Boi” Pet


14. From The Oldest To Youngest


15. The Tickle


16. “My, What A Fluffy Coat You Have”


17. The UWU


18. From Fetus To Fetus

Source: THEQOO