15 Photos That Prove Taeyeon Is Getting Younger By The Day

How can she look so young?

Girls Generation’s Taeyeon is known for looking younger than her age. Recent photos from her Instagram shocked fans once again with her young visuals. It’s hard to believe that she was born in 1989, making her 32 years old in Korean age! Let’s take a look at some past and present photos of Taeyeon to see if she’s changed at all!


1. Instagram Posts

The four pictures below are from her most recent Instagram posts. Her bare face shows nothing but a youthful girl, making it hard to believe that she is in her 30s!


2. The cute beanie and stuffed toy next to her make her look even younger.


3. Her youthful visuals don’t seem to age a day!


4. Even making cute smirking faces doesn’t look awkward because of her youthful face.


5. Her small frame and full bangs makes her look like a teenager.


6. Her high pony-tail also gives off a more playful look.


7. Even in more dolled-up photo shoot she still looks like a 20-something year old college student.


8. Her pale skin adds to the younger look.


9. Even without full bangs she looks like a young girl.


10. She looks like an absolute doll in this picture!


11. Is it possible to look this young?


12. Even with a bit more make-up she could still pass for being in her twenties.


13. Her cute pouty face is just so adorable!


14. Even in more sophisticated style concepts she can’t steer away from looking young.


15. This soft elegant vibe matches well with her facial features.


It’s crazy to think that all these photos are a mix of the past and the present! She really proves to be one of the top youngest looking idol members!

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