15 Photos That Prove Kang Daniel’s Shoulders Are More Defined Than Your Future

Look at them shoulders!

Kang Daniel is known to have broad shoulders and many fans are always shocked at the way his shoulder bone is structured. Many find his shoulders to be a huge contrast from his cute puppy-like face. Here are photos that show of those amazing shoulders!


1. Broad shoulders that make his face look even smaller


2. His shoulders are so broad that you can see his shoulder bone peeking through his shirt


3. You can’t help but look at his shoulders in this one!


4. Look at those back muscles baby!


5. Sexy yet defined


6. Broad shoulders make his fits look poppin’


7. His proportions look unreal with his broad shoulders


8. Compare his shoulders with the people behind him!


9. This shirt was meant for his shoulders


10. Fans can’t help but fall for those sexy collarbones


11. Here’s a better shot of his collarbone and shoulder bone


12. Girl, you could swim in that shoulder dip!


13. This shot really shows off his broad shoulders


14. How are they so perfectly angular?


15. Look at the perfect 90 degree angle!


Which photo is your favorite?

Kang Daniel