[★VIDEO] 1PUNCH releases dance tutorial for “Turn Me Back”

Rookie hip hop group, 1PUNCH, uploaded a dance tutorial video for their debut music video “Turn Me Back” on January 27th.

The boys deem themselves “the youngest duo” and introduce themselves, ONE the leader and PUNCH the maknae. “Turn Me Back” is an old swing funky retro hip-hop track, whose music video was colorful and vibrant with scenes from New York City.

The duo made their debut on January 23rd with the release of two music videos, “Turn Me Back” and “Nightmare.” They are a special collaboration between Brave Entertainment and D-Business Entertainment that seeks to recreate the 90s hip-hop tunes that revolutionized the hip-hop world in South Korea.

Watch below to see 1PUNCH as they teach the three powerful moves that make up their energetic dance!