[★VIDEO] 1theK uploads “ASK IN THE BOX” with 4MINUTE

4MINUTE got together to answer questions from fans from around the world on 1theK’s “ASK IN THE BOX” segment.

4MINUTE made a long awaited comeback this month, promoting two title tracks: “Crazy“and “Cold Rain.”

In order to reconnect with fans, 4MINUTE sat down and showed off their adorable charms by answering fan questions. The girls also revealed that they helped a lot with this comeback as Gayoon was in charge of visual directing and HyunA and So Hyun participated by writing some of the lyrics to the songs.

Additionally, Ji Yoon reveals who made her dye her hair green, and So Hyun makes a failed attempt at showing aegyo, even with the help of her members. HyunA also creates a poem on the spot for her fans.

Check out the full video below to see 4MINUTE answering fan questions and to see what they promise to do if they win first place in music charts: