24K drops futuristic second teaser for “Hey You” MV

On April 7th, 24K revealed a second alluring music video teaser for their upcoming comeback, “Hey You.”

Following up the release of an initial video teaser, this second video teaser builds on the black and white chic image the boys presented on April 6th.

Now, viewers get a closer look of the intense and sharp choreography that 24K will take the stage with. Their matching outfits consist mainly of white collared shirts paired with checkered pants. To top off this look, the members sport classy black suspenders.

Interestingly, the music video teaser shows a futuristic and magical concept as the boys sprout metal wings, cyborg legs, and more. These transformations match the electronic beat that 24K dances to.

“Hey You” will be released on April 13th, so stay tuned for their comeback!

Check out the second teaser here: