24K charm fans in comeback teaser jacket photos for “Hey You”

Chouen Entertainment’s male idol group 24K will be making their comeback soon and continuing with teasers, they have revealed a set of jacket photos for the members.

With 24K returning as a five member group, the members – Cory, Sungoh, Kisu, Daeil, and Jeunguk – look chic and charming as they don black suits and ties in the newly released set of jacket photos. Returning with a mature concept after over a year on break, anticipation for 24K’s return is rising with the photos of the members glaring coyly at the camera.

Their outfits in the new batch of photos comes as no surprise following the release of the first video teaser that already previewed a short tidbit of their song and music video. The second video teaser released, however, shows the members taking on a futuristic transformation, so with just a few days remaining, expectations are rising for what 24K has in stored for fans.

24K debuted in 2012 as a six member group with “Hurry Up” and returned with a lineup change in 2013 with “U R So Cute.” Although there have been no official releases since then, the members have still been promoting and working on side projects, including Daeil, under the name of BIGONE, releasing his solo single,”Big Shootin’,” earlier in the year.

After over a year with no releases as a group, 24K will finally be returning on April 13th, 2015 with their third mini-album and title track “Hey You.”