24K suits up in dance practice video for “Hey You”

After releasing the music video for “Hey You,” 24K  suited up as they released the dance practice video for their comeback track on May 7th.

As the members were matching in grey suits and black ties, 24K showcased their slick and smooth choreography for “Hey You” as they performed an energetic dance routine. Throughout the video, fans can expect to see 24K immersed into the choreography as they shined with their powerful energy and teamwork.

24K released the music video for “Hey You” on April 7th. The upbeat dance track was composed, arranged, and mixed by leader Cory and also incorporates lyrics from other members.

The seven-member Choeun Entertainment group debuted in 2012 with “Rocking Girl” and followed up by releasing the track “U R So Cute” in 2013.

Check out their dance practice video here: