2AM releases 3rd album “Let’s Talk” video spoiler

Ahead of the release of their 3rd album Let’s Talk2AM has shared a special spoiler video for fans, giving them an inside peek into each song. In addition, the person behind the lyrics, composition and arrangement are shared for each track.The album begins with a touching, softly harmonized track for 2AM fans, titled “To. AM (For you)”, written by Rook IM and Ragoon IM, with the latter having composed and arranged the song as well. “Depending on Today” is the second track composed and written by J.Y Park (Park Jin Young), and is a ballad song that allows 2AM to showcase their emotional vocals.

The third track is the featured title song, “Over the Destiny”, written, composed and arranged by Jo Kyu Chun, with Jo Kyu Man assisting in the composition and Park Won Jun in arranging the track. It is an emotional ballad track that boasts the strong vocal capabilities of the group.

Other tracks include “Happy End”, “Realize”, “All Right” and “Day of Parting”.

2AM will also be including solo tracks for each members in this album, for which Seulong, Jinwoon and Changmin have also partook in its creation, writing the lyrics for their own songs.

Let’s Talk will be released on October 30th at midnight KST.