2BiC reveals special live version of “If We Love Again”

On November 28th, vocal duo 2BiC has revealed a special live rendition of their latest track “If We Love Again” off their third mini-album, Genuine.

After having just released the official music video on November 26th, 2BiC quickly followed up with this black and white live version of the track.

The two members Kim Jihwan and Lee Junghyung are shown dressed tightly in peacoats and fuzzy scarves as they perform “If We Love Again.” This live version differs greatly from previous live tracks they have done as it is filmed outside in the cold night air. Additionally, it appears that the audio was captured by the phone they are singing into.

The video shifts between scenes of the artists singing and the beautiful night lights they look down at. Singing along a piano instrumental, 2BiC expresses the deep and pure emotions of the touching, nostalgic song that listeners can experience at a different level than the original. Although commenters questioned the necessity of the outdoor filming, they agree that this impressive performance of 2BiC’s soothing track is still pleasant to the ears.

In related news, fans can hear more of 2BiC’s live vocals at the group’s concert on November 30th in Samseong-dong, Seoul at the Baekham Art Hall.

Check out their astounding live rendition here: