2BIC will be hosting a “Genuine” concert in November!

2BiC returns with their upcoming autumn concert, “Genuine”. On October 29th, 2BIC revealed a poster announcing their upcoming November concert, “Genuine”! 

There is much to anticipate from this power duo, who known for their R&B style. Though they debuted in 2012, they already exhibit a strong musical sense. 2BIC has released their album Love Game earlier this year, and has collaborated with Ailee in their title track.

Their concert will be held at Seoul’s Baekam Hall on November 30th, starting at 7pm. Tickets will begin selling on Monday, November 3rd at 5pm.

Recently, Ji Hwan and Jun Hyun have been visiting students at various universities around Korea. In addition, they have been singing multiple covers of songs in their “A Song for You” series.

Post by 2BIC.