2BiC’s Jihwan releases acapella teaser for “Hug Me”

In anticpation for the release of his solo track “Hug Me,” 2BiC‘s Jihwan released an acapella teaser for the song. 

After his fellow group member Junhyung released solo track “Bye Bye Bye” on March 11th, Jihwan announced that he would be releasing his own solo track “Hug Me” on March 24th.

After releasing an initial video teaser, which highlights the singer’s powerful voice in a dramatic display of vocal prowess, the 2BiC member took a lighter tone with a laid back acapella teaser for the track.

With seven different frames in the video, the singer showed off his well-known harmonizing abilities by singing with none other than himself. With the singer showing off his soulful voice seven times at once, the acapella teaser for “Hug Me” is definitely worth watching.

Make sure to check out the video teaser below!

Post by 2BIC.