2BiC’s Jihwan releases video teaser for “Hug Me”

After 2BiC‘s Junhyung released his solo track “Bye Bye Bye,” member Jihwan released the teaser for his own solo “Hug Me.”

The duo’s agency Nextar Entertainment announced earlier in the month that the two singers would be displaying their individual talents with solo albums with Junhyung releasing his emotional track “Bye Bye Bye” first. The music video for the track, which included a brief appearance by Jihwan, was released on March 11th.

The teaser of “Hug Me” featured Jihwan showing off his vocal prowess as he belted out several lines from the upcoming track. As seen in the short teaser, Jihwan returns the favor, as Junhyung is seen making an apperance in “Hug Me.”

2BiC is known for their strong vocals and amazing harmonies, but as Junghyung has shown with his song “Bye Bye Bye”, the two are also very capable in terms of solo tracks. Make sure to look out for the release of Jihwan’s solo “Hug Me,” which is set to be released on March 24th.