2Bic’s Junhyung says “Bye Bye Bye” in latest MV release

While the duo 2Bic is preparing for their solo projects, member Junhyung released his own music video for the emotional track “Bye Bye Bye” on March 11th. 

The music video revealed Junhyung on the set on a photo shoot as the clip unveils its emotional lyrics saying, “There is no love that last forever, forget about it forever,” and “Why am I crying? Why do I miss you more?

Although the music video focuses solely on Junhyung, fellow member Jihwan made a quick appearance, showing their close sibling-like relationship.

“Bye Bye Bye” focuses on the pain from saying goodbye to a loved one while Junhyung created this track as an addition to his first solo project. 

Meanwhile, although Jihwan has not released his solo tracks yet, 2Bic released a cover of Sam Smith‘s “I’m Not the Only One” in February.