2LSON, Kang Min Hee, and EVO perform “Stay with Me” live

On January 21st, 2LSON, Kang Min Hee, and EVO uploaded a live performance of their track “Stay with Me.” 

As the track played in the background, the video began with a couple of cuts featuring the singers working as baristas for a cafe, making drinks and serving them to customers. As the short sequence created a smooth and friendly atmosphere, the video cut to the beginning of the live performance as teased in a previous video.

With Tae Hoon Cho of MeV featured on the keyboard and Jason of 2LSON playing what appears to be a container of coffee beans, Kang Min Hee gave a soulful performance of the song wearing a cute sweater that featured a robot and stars. The live performance itself was performed in the same cafe from the first cut of the video, and the small space of the establishment created an echo that gave a unique flair to the song.

As with the original track, EVO’s rap resonated well with Kang Min Hee’s singing, creating a performance that flowed perfectly. Make sure to check out the live performance of “Stay with Me” below!