2LSON releases MV for “The End” ft. Giriboy and Jo Hyun Ah

Following the release of a teaser on December 17th, producer group 2LSON has finally released an artistic music video for their latest track “The End” featuring the powerful rapping of Giriboy and strong vocals of Urban Zakapa’s Jo Hyun Ah

“The End” is a jazzy, groovy yet melancholy R&B song that soothes the soul. The simple melody of a guitar is accompanied by a smooth beat and peppered with the distinct sounds of a piano and trumpet, while the soulful voice of Jo Hyun Ah blends with Giriboy’s rapping.

Set in an art museum, the video describes the lyrics of “The End” by following the events leading up to the end of a couple’s relationship, beginning with the couple frozen in place as dancers smoothly move around them before moving to arguments in the car and on a bed, before circling back to show the couple’s separation.

In related news, Giriboy will be collaborating with Shannon and Vasco on an upcoming track. Urban Zakapa recently returned to the music scene with their fourth album, 04.

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