2NE1 shares performance of “I Am The Best” from “2014 YG Family Tour” in Japan

After recently giving fan the chance to relive EPIK HIGH’s live stage of “Don’t Hate Me,” YG Entertainment recently uploaded the live performance footage for 2NE1’s “I Am The Best” from the 2014 YG Family Tour in Japan as well.

The girl group performed their hit track in Japanese, making it easier for the crowd of fans to sing along to the empowering, upbeat tune. The ladies began the performance cooly at the top of a set of stairs. Accompanied by the appropriate sound effects, the music blared with intensity. 2NE1 sat atop their stylish motorcycles before coming down the stairs one by one.

Their sequined, colorful outfits matched the high energy level of the song, giving fans a great performance with sexy, powerful dance moves as well. The excited screams of fans in the first few seconds of the introduction more than prove the popularity of this song as their many voices can be heard singing along to the track as well.

Check out their performance here:

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