2NE1’s Bom spotted with Dara in the Philippines

With Dara busy with her recent promotions in the Philippines, fans have noticed that fellow 2NE1 member Bom went along with her. 

Over the weekend, Dara attended a number of promotional events for clothing brand, Penshoppe, in the Philippines and met fans through a number of television guestings, meet and greets, and more. However, as the events progressed, fans manage to spot Bom in Manila, leaving them assume that she was there to accompany Dara.

Furthermore, fans who managed to catch a glimpse of the two were able to spot them in a number of establishments, including a theme park, in their free time.

Dara and Bom were later on spotted leaving the country on April 4th.

A post shared by Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on

A post shared by Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on