[★VIDEO] 2NE1’s Dara drums along to her favourite track on Instagram

With more free time coming up for the singer and actress following the end of We Broke Up, 2NE1’sDara updates fans with more videos of her drumming skills online. 

On July 20th, Dara delighted fans once more with another video clip of her playing the drums. This time, she jams along to “Tell Me Where It Hurts” by MYMP, an acoustic act from the Philippines. According to Dara, although the original track did not have a drum beat, she tried to drum along herself as it is one of her favourite tracks.

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This will be the second time that Dara posted her amateur drumming skills online, previously sharing her own “Fire” and “It Hurts” rendition.

Check out her own version of “Clap Your Hands” too!

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