[★VIDEO] 2PM announces their fifth fan meeting

2PM, who has been traveling internationally for their world tour, Go Crazy, released an official video inviting HOTTEST to their fifth fan meeting on December 7th.

On November 1oth, JYP Entertainment published an official video of 2PM inviting HOTTEST to their next fan meeting. 2PM’s fifth fan meeting will be held on December 7th at a secret location. While the six member group shared their excitement through the invitation video, 2PM’s Taecyeon said, “We will be preparing exclusive content just for this fan meeting.”

2PM has been busy with their world tour, Go Crazy, in Asia and is preparing to hold concerts in U.S. cities such as Newark, NJ, Rosemont, IL, Dallas, TX and Los Angeles, CA.

As of now, 2PM has not released any details about how or when the event will take place, but further information for the fan meeting will be released on December 7th. For additional information, visit 2PM’s official fan cafe.