2PM enjoys a beautiful sunny day in short version of Japanese “365” MV

2PM has released the short music video version of their Japanese track “365” ahead of their single’s release date in January 2015, documenting their wonderful day out in the sun and by the sea.

“365” is a refreshing, catchy upbeat-pop track that sings of being happy together all year long, and is the B-side track of their upcoming Japanese single.

The music video follows the six-members of 2PM as they soak in the sun near the sea on a boat and at the docks, scenes of them in the recording room also viewed. 2PM brings their viewers into their nightly fun as they happily enjoy a meal, and later, a short party on the beach.

2PM will be releasing the single “Guilty Love” on January 28th, with different versions of the single featuring the instrumentals and remix of “Guilty Love” and “365.”