[★VIDEO] 2PM is back with a new style for 4th Japanese album, “2PM of 2PM”

2PM is gearing up to release their 4th long-awaited Japanese album this April, and has teased with a short video prologue of their upgraded style.

After a year and two months since their last Japanese album release with Genesis of 2PM, the beastly group has been busy not only promoting in Korea, but following individual activities in both countries. Such a recent case is Wooyoung having just released his solo single R.O.S.E for which he shared a short music video for “R.O.S.E” and “Happy Birthday.”

2PM of 2PM will include a total of 13 tracks, which will embody a wide range of genre that 2PM can successfully perform. A short preview of their new style for Japan was revealed in a prologue video for the album, released on March 14th, a jazzy and trendy track playing in the background as the members lure you in with their charisma.

With three edition of the album to be available, the album will be available on April 15th. Find the tracklist below:

01. Intro
02. ミダレテミナ (Go Crazy)
03. Guilty Love
04. Sexy Ladies
05. Everybody
06. Fight
08. Jam Session
09. Slender Man
10. Shiny Girl
11. 365
12. Burning Love
13. 春風 (Spring Breeze) ~Good-bye Again~

Source: 2PM Japan