2PM’s Wooyoung sweetly sings “Happy Birthday” in short MV version

Ahead of the release of his first Japanese single album, 2PM‘s Wooyoung has released the short music video version his B-side single, “Happy Birthday.”

The 2PM member previously released the music video for his title track “R.O.S.E,” a funky and groovy medium-tempo track that will have you dancing.

“Happy Birthday” is another track found on Wooyoung’s Japanese solo debut single, which was reportedly written by the singer himself in three hours. The track was written by Wooyoung to fans and is his way of singing “Happy Birthday” personally to fans as they celebrate their special day.

Wooyoung sweetly sings while playing the piano in a small room by his lonesome. Setting up a camera as he records himself on a couch, Wooyoung smiles shyly at the camera before continuing to sing “Happy Birthday” before scenes of him preparing something special in the kitchen is revealed.

His Japanese solo debut single “R.O.S.E,” which will also include tracks “Cocktail,” and “I Know Your Shirts,” will be released on March 4th.