[★VIDEO] 2PM’s Nichkhun praised by co-actress for being a perfect gentleman

In a recent interview, actress Yu Wen Wen praised 2PM’s Nichkhun for being a gentleman as revealed through their interactions while filming their 2013 drama.

Co-stars for the drama One and A Half Summers, the two seemed to have great chemistry as the actress spoke on her experience working with him.

She shared that the idol very much resembled both a “cute small cherry ball” because of his cute personality but also a perfect gentleman. She explained that as he knew she was left-handed, he often moved her chopsticks from the right to left side of the plate for her. Yu Wen Wen expressed that actions like were very chivalrous.

Meanwhile, 2PM will be making a group comeback on June 15th with their album No.5.

Check out her interview here: