Here Are 3 Bops To Stream On Your Playlist During Summer Vacay, Recommended By AB6IX’s Woojin

These are his favorite summer bops!

AB6IX‘s Woojin, who has been wowing the K-Pop world since his Wanna One days, shared his favorite songs to listen to while he’s on the road traveling. Woojin personally recommended these three songs at AB6IX’s most recent fan meeting – and his fans are amazed by the wide range of music he likes! Each song is unique, while all being perfect for a drive out to the coast or flight over a foreign city, so if you’re in the mood to explore – give DJ Woojin’s playlist a go!


1. DJ Khaled’s “I’m The One”

For the times when the variety in K-Pop isn’t offering what exactly fits your mood – that summer time, party under the sun kind of mood – try DJ Khaled‘s “I’m The One”. As soon as the iconic “We the best music” and “DJ Khaled!” lines drop, this song will ship you right off to some tropical AF island with the breeze tickling in between your toes.


2. IU’s “Autumn Morning”

On a completely different note, IU‘s “Autumn Morning” is in its own way perfect for easy-listening on the go. IU’s chillingly refreshing voice – especially at the beginning of the song, unaccompanied and raw – will give you goosebumps! Many streamers have pointed out, not only is this song perfect to elevate their moods when embarking on an adventure, it is also the best to listen on an early morning jog!


3. BTS’s “Mikrokosmos”

And no playlist would be complete without some BTS! Woojin recommended BTS’s “Mikrokosmos”, beloved by fans worldwide for its upbeat and energetic sound. This synth-y retro track will put you right in the mood for a revitalizing bike ride along a riverside or a full on venture out into the woodsy nature for some camping nights under the stars!

Source: THEQOO