Here Are 4 Reasons Why We Love BTS’s Group Shot Scenes

They are truly a well-rounded group in so many ways.

Now we all know how amazing BTS‘s performances are. Fans agree that the boys’ group shots during performances give off a vibe that’s hard to explain. They think it’s because of their amazing balance that these scenes come out absolutely stunning. Here are four reasons why we love BTS’s group shots:


1. Height and Overall Body Balance

Because all the members are of similar height (5’9” to 5’11”) with great balance of arms and legs, group shots look well-balanced and clean.







2. Perfect amount of members

Having seven members also gives off a well-rounded look in group shots. Having three members on each side with one member in the center is also pleasing to the eye.







3. Having an odd number of members

Having an odd number of members also gives stable symmetry when making choreography moves and sequences.







4. Pleasing to the eye

The overall balance and number of members gives off a pleasant image to the viewer, making their group shot scenes something to always look forward to in their performances.





These boys are truly world class!

Source: theqoo