40 says “Hold Me” with MV release

On November 26th, singer-songwriter 40 released the full music video for his latest track, “Hold Me.”

“Hold Me” is a smooth and soft ballad that showcases the remarkable talent of 40’s ability to compose, write, arrange, and beautifully sing. The black and white music video focuses on the theme of 40’s genuine feeling for his previous lover with the lyrics, “A day like today without you, I toss and turn and dream about you.” His sincerity shines through while walking on the railroad tracks as he emotionally looks down while singing, “hold me, catch me.

Earlier in the year, the Korean singer-songwriter released a music video for “Sing the Spring,” a romantic song that brings out the feelings of warmth and comfort  of the rays of the sun on a beautiful Spring day. Following this, on June 24th, 40 also released his album, Life’s Art, mixing the genres of hip-hop and rap.