4MEN is keeping up with BIGBANG and EXO on music charts

With the main focus being on BIGBANG and EXO nowadays as the two group’s tracks try to gain the upper hand in #1 on online charts, this duo group have gone somewhat unnoticed as they keep up with these fierce idols.

BIGBANG, EXO, IU, and Zion.T are some of the big names that can be seen on real-time online charts, and even daily online charts, at the moment. But while there are articles after articles on how well these artists are doing competing against one another, there isn’t much about duo group talents, 4MEN.

4MEN is really holding on their own with their spectacular ballad title track “You’re My Home.

It’s not a pop song or even a dance song, but once you listen to it and even read the meaning of its lyrics, it will certainly touch your heart.

Image: 4MEN in third place between BIGBANG and EXO on iChart’s (cumulative chart of Korea’s 9 main online sites) real-time charts

1theK describes the song as “a ballad with a comfortable melody line and sentimental lyrics” but it’s much more than that.

It’s an uplifting song sung by amazing vocals that let you know that even when they are hard times and everyone has turned you away, there is that one single person in your life, may it be a family member(s), a close friend, a girlfriend/boyfriend, wife/husband, etc., that will always be there for you and embrace you.

“No matter how far I may be, how far I may be. A home I’ll return to someday. In your arms, I’ll be. A haven better than then dreams, the most comfortable place. I don’t want to leave, you’re my home.”